It's All About Me: How to Create the Perfect Instagram Bio

October 10, 2018 - Reading time: 7 minutes

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The perfect Instagram bio is hard to get right. You're shooting for the perfect image, message, and overall brand appeal that gets your name or service out to the world. Perhaps you've tried a few different approaches and had mixed results. Now, you're looking for answers.

A lot of people make mistakes early on with their Instagram profile. They try to cater to too many people, don't have a clear message, and don't actually know who they are trying to reach to begin with.

For many, their efforts were a waste of time and money. That's obviously something you'd like to avoid for yourself or your business.

Luckily, this article was written for you. Having a successful Instagram bio means doing a few things well, including but not limited to being clear, honest, and having quality photos. We'll look at all the things you need to make your Instagram bio attractive in this article.

Let's get started!

Know Your Ideal Audience

This is something you hear a lot in the business world these days, but it's still very important. After all, you hear it so much because most people are still not actually doing it!

The key with any social media presence is that you know who you are speaking to- your ideal audience and target market. These are the people that will either like what you do enough to support and engage with your posts, share your work, or become paying customers. Likely, your ideal audience fits a certain mold or demographic, is interested in particular things, and is attracted to your brand due to the unique way you spin your content.

And if you aren't crystal clear about who you are speaking to, your posts are not going to get as much engagement, and you'll wonder if you are lacking a good bio for Instagram.


So you know this, or are re-learning it, but want to know exactly how to do it. The truth is, it may take some trial and error to get right. But here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Make the focus of your Instagram copy about how you help others, not about you.
  • Be true to yourself. Trying to be something else makes it hard to be consistent.
  • Test to see what works and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to change things if they aren't working!

Make Your Profile Easy To Find

Use keywords about yourself or your service that makes it easy for people to find you. This starts with having relevant words related to you or your brand in your name. Keep in mind that Instagram is one giant search engine, so think about what people might Google, and that's a good start.

Clear and Concise Profiles Do Better

You have 150 characters to let people know who you are and what you're about. Your objective should be to stay as clear and concise about yourself as possible in your Instagram bio. Even if you have (or are going for) a unique Instagram bio, you still need to master the art of communicating your message with as few words as possible.

This includes having the right keywords but also eliminates things like using inside jokes, hashtags no one has ever heard of, or anything that would muddle the message you're trying to get across. The clearer your message is, the more likely someone is to peruse through your photos, which may turn them into an actual fan of your work.

What Goes In Your Bio?

Earlier, we talked about the importance of being yourself. So how should you go about telling the world who you are? Here are some ideas as you test how to make a good Instagram bio:

  • Let people know the niche of people you serve
  • Describe your skills or experience
  • Hobbies and interests relevant or relatable to your audience
  • Use the voice or sense of humor that's compatible with your brand

Like anything online, content is king. People will form their opinion of you based on the words you put in the bio, so it's important to give them relevant information about yourself.

Creating The Perfect Link In Bio

When it comes to putting a link in your bio, there are few services out there that can make it easy for your link to be valuable. is one of them that does. is an easy way to create your own micro website that compiles all of your best social media "highlights". You have the advantage of making your own little world that focuses on you, without having to share space with competitors, "You May Also Like" links, and more.

You're trying to showcase yourself, and is a tool that can link people to a valuable compilation of things that have to do with you.

Quality Photos

This should go without saying, but quality photos are a must. After all, Instagram is a medium for looking at pictures. Whatever you choose for your default image should be in HD and contribute to the overall message you are going for.

Nowadays, smartphones make it easy to take quality pictures. Unless you have an older phone, you can probably get away with the resolution of your pocket device. But if that's not an option, it might be necessary to invest in a better camera. Quality photos are an absolute must for building a good Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio-Wrap-Up

As you build a platform on Instagram, it is crucial to follow a few guidelines to make sure your Instagram bio is accessible, clear, and attractive to people who are discovering you for the first time.

As a wrap-up, the things you should focus on in your bio include knowing (and testing for) your ideal audience, using keywords to make your profile easy to find, clear and concise messages to capture attention, relatable content in your bio, and of course, quality pictures.

A combination of these things will help people find and stick with you. Keep in mind that testing is okay, if not encouraged. The more you test, the deeper your understanding of the audience you are serving will be.

Want more? Check out our blog for more info. We've even discussed ways to improve your Instagram engagement rate!


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